Work at Magical

Work at Magical

In search of lost time.


We’re dealing with the world's most scarce resource, and it’s not gold or uranium.

It’s Time.

We’re building the world’s first time operating system to help millions of teams eliminate pointless meetings and focus on what matters.

Magical was founded in 2020, and is backed by top US venture capital firms, a network of strategic angel investors, and a community of 40,000+ productivity enthusiasts (we call them ‘time-hackers’).

We want to hire people who are obsessed with productivity software and excited to be a part of building the future of productivity, time-management, and work.

Working at Magical.

Magical is an ambitious startup led by seasoned entrepreneurs and product experts. We are obsessed with productivity, time management, and building products and interactions that feel magical.

The future of hybrid work.

Our power comes from our professionalism, creative freedom, and mutual trust. We are committed to building a healthy culture and looking for those who share our values and are ready to produce the best work of their lives.

What we stand up for

These principles are what connects us as a team. It's how we get work done, use our tools, and communicate and collaborate. We all have an active role in creating and sustaining this culture daily.

Tachless* (תכלס) ⇒ Straight forward attitude which has supportive values: *The Israeli Way Of Getting To The Point

Different is better than better

We want to be bold in our mission to democratize time. We're not just another productivity app; our goal is to revolutionize the way people work. To make that happen, we'll take an unconventional approach. We explore new methods, mental models, and wild ideas — all to solve unique pain points to our members. We’re a not just building software, we’re delivering magic.


When we act without ego, we can grow and empower others in an honest, non-offensive way. If we ever offend someone, we apologize immediately. If we are offended by others, we raise it honestly, as we want to learn how to communicate effectively. We care and trust each other to get work done, and to do it autonomously.

Mistakes aren't taboo

We can make mistakes; it’s okay. Because of that, we aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. We support each other’s decision and want to help to prove it right. We trust each others’ judgment. If we made a mistake, we’d say it. Our team moves fast - we test things quickly to learn, get feedback, and improve.

Honest & Respect

Feedback helps us grow and progress quickly. We always encourage people to express their honest opinions about an initiative, and commit whatever direction the company decides to go. Our team's strength lies in its diverse perspectives.

We respect the team’s time and will always consider reducing pointless meetings, converting it to async communication, while making time for deep work.

Joy is essential

Our team is composed of people who we want to wake up with a smile every morning and feel they have a meaningful impact on what they do at Magical.

Open positions

If you think you should work at Magical, please find below our open position with an internal link to apply. If you have yet to find an open position, email with your pitch on why you should work on Magical.

Hybrid / Tel Aviv

Product Manager
Product Manager

Our community.

Supertools is one of the biggest communities in the world for productivity tools. Our mission is to make your time at work more productive, more focused, and more meaningful. Trusted by 40,000+ employees from Fortune 500 including Facebook, Google, Amazon, eBay, Intel, Teva J&J, Taboola, and many more.