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What is the main benefit of Magical.so?

How can I connect multiple calendars to Magical.so?

Why I can’t log-in to Magical?

How Magical protects my data?

Why am I being asked to grant permission to my Google Account?

How do I update to the latest version of Magical?

Where do my notes go when I export them to Notion?

Can I export notes to a specific database in Notion?

How do I auto-export notes to my Notion database?

What events Magical will notify me about?

Can I turn meeting reminders sounds off?

Can I turn off the new tab feature and only use reminders?

What if I want to go back to my default tab?

How to set up desktop notifications?

Will it be available on other browsers?

When will you support other Calendars providers (e.g Outlook)?

Logging out or uninstalling the Magical.so extension

I no longer want to use Magical.so

How much Magical.so is going to cost?

How can I get an access to “Magical E” (the team version for teams)

Will you develop it for team use as well?

How do I submit bugs/improvements/feature requests?

How to get access to experimental features?

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