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What is the main benefit of Magical.so?

  • Every time you open a new tab, the meeting experience is simplified to save you time:
    1. Lightning-fast sharing availability⚡: Speed through the scheduling process with personalized links of preferred meeting slots, all easily accessible and delightful to use every time you open a new tab.
    2. Gorgeous scheduling links you’ll enjoy sending 🤩: Dynamic Availability™ powered by AI helps you and your attendees always find the ideal time to meet, every time. No more wasteful back-and-forths.
    3. Notes x Notion 📝: Instantly take meeting notes and seamless export them to your timeOS database in Notion
    4. Upcoming Meetings 📆: See your next meeting and quickly join straight from Chrome
    5. Hassle-Free Reminders ✨: Never miss a meeting, or have one run over, as we alert you before your sessions are about to begin, as well as when your current session is scheduled to end.

How can I connect multiple calendars to Magical.so?

For the first version you can connect one calendar account to Magical. We will fetch only events from your primary calendar without sub-calendars and subscribe calendar. We are working on multiple calendar accounts support.

Why I can’t log-in to Magical?

In order to see all events you need to check all boxes during the first login. To do so, please go back to the Google OAuth screen by click the Preference menu (⚙️) and then click "Log out". In the Log-in screen, click on "Sign in with Google" and check all the boxes.


How Magical protects my data?

timeOS is verified by Google to utilize OAuth API verification and does not access any user data categorized as "restricted." No data is read, edited, or deleted without your consent. We use only a minimum permission scope to allow seamless sync with Google Calendar. Read more in the Google OAuth API verification FAQ.

Why am I being asked to grant permission to my Google Account?

You need to "Sign in with Google" to use timeOS. All permissions are required to have a seamless experience with your calendar events. We thoughtfully chose the scope of requested access to the minimum.

How do I update to the latest version of Magical?

Here's a quick video of how to update →

How to manually update the Chrome Extension?

  1. Go to the page in Chrome → chrome://extensions/
  2. Turn on Developer Mode
  3. Click on Update

Where do my notes go when I export them to Notion?

Can I export notes to a specific database in Notion?

How do I auto-export notes to my Notion database?

  • Using the Preferences Menu (⚙️ button), you can toggle the Sync meeting notes to Notion option.

What events Magical will notify me about?

  • To avoid spammy notifications, the default reminders are set to events with participants and VC link/location attached. You can customize is in the Preference menu.

Can I turn meeting reminders sounds off?

  • Yes! You can also toggle if sounds will be heard or not using the Preferences Menu (⚙️ button)

Can I turn off the new tab feature and only use reminders?

Yes, you can disable the new tab anytime and still use other features such as smart meeting reminders. Go to Chrome Settings → On Startup → Disabled timeOS in New tab


What if I want to go back to my default tab?

  • No problem. You can press on the button on the top right side.

How to set up desktop notifications?

  • timeOS has desktop notifications via Chrome you can set up in "System Preferences." Please set Chrome Notifications to "Alerts" to stay on-screen until dismissed.

Will it be available on other browsers?

When will you support other Calendars providers (e.g Outlook)?

  • Outlook and Apple Calendar integration will be coming soon! Stay tuned.

Logging out or uninstalling the Magical.so extension

  • To log out of timeOS:
    1. Click on the Preferences Menu (⚙️ button) found on the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
    2. Click on Log Out found on the bottom left-hand corner of the settings window. This will log you out of timeOS.

I no longer want to use Magical.so

  • You can simply log out of Magical.so to stop using timeOS. We would love to hear your feedback by emailing hey@magical.team.
  • To remove the Chrome Extension from your browser:
    1. Find the timeOS icon located to the right of the address bar in your web browser.
    2. Right-click on the Icon.
    3. Select Remove From Chrome from the menu.
    4. Click on the Remove button to confirm that you'd like to remove timeOS.
    5. If you'd like for us to remove the information saved in your account or cancel your subscription, email us at hey@magical.team to request that we suspend your timeOS account.

How much Magical.so is going to cost?

  • Magical is currently for free for individuals. Pro and Team plans will be announced soon!

How can I get an access to “Magical E” (the team version for teams)

  • Magical E is currently invite-only. You can request access here.

Will you develop it for team use as well?

  • Magical E the AI version is currently invite-only. You can request access here.

How do I submit bugs/improvements/feature requests?

  • We read every line of feedback! Send us an email to hey@magical.team or write us via the support button on any tab, and we’ll do our best to fulfill your dreams.
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