Magical Release Notes
Magical Release Notes

Magical Release Notes

April 24, 2023



Week Peek ⚡️


Time Peek has become Magical's most popular feature by revolutionizing how you access your time from anywhere. And now, by VERY popular demand, we’re happy to announce that we've supercharged it with a brand-new Week Peek!

Week Peek lets you effortlessly check your availability, add meeting notes and agendas, and instantly join sessions for your entire week.

To speed up your work, hit "]" to open Time Peek, then "[" to change to Week Peek.

AI Notetaker - Now Compatible with all Languages 🌎

Our AI Notetaker has also been rapidly gaining fans, and it's no surprise why.

With the ability to transcribe and share detailed summaries of all of your sessions, it’s a must-have for anyone who uses notes to stay on top of their meetings.

And now, AI Notetaker is breaking language barriers...

Originally compatible with just English, AI Notetaker is now fluent in all major languages, including Spanish, German, Hebrew and more.

To get started, go to Preference ⚙️ → Default Meeting Languages → choose your language.

Don't miss out on these incredible updates that empower you to collaborate like never before!


  • Bug: Opening Time Peek should always navigate for the current day
  • Improvement: Sync events button on the side calendar of the Web App
  • Improvement: Able to make note-taking requests from the AI Notetaker during the meeting

April 11, 2023



AI Time Assistant ✨


Tired of letting meetings hijack your focus time?

Our new AI Time Assistant enables you to focus on the right things by optimizing your schedule.

Now, when sending scheduling templates, Magical will identify and highlight optimal meeting times for invitees based on your preferences and schedule.

Gone are the days of suffering through meetings when you’d rather be crushing your to-do list!

To get started, go to 'Share Times' → Edit/Create Templates → Playbook → Optimize Your Schedule, and toggle it on.

AI Command Line ⚡️


Instead of manually selecting slots to share, you can use AI to generate times that protect your focus time.

To experience the magic, go to 'Share Times' → 'Create' → Select 'Time Polls' or 'Specific Times Link' (⌘/ctrl + E) → Select preference from the Command Line (⌘/ctrl + K).


  • BUG: Fixed note overrides in AI Notetaker toggle
  • BUG: Fixed recipient side future weeks event collision
  • BUG: Fixed suggestions overflow and changed command line copy
  • BUG: Showed the wrong slots on the recipient side
  • BUG: Temporarily hid AI protector because it shows invalid suggestions on the recipient side
  • Improvement: Added button to clear all meeting hours
  • Improvement: Change the name of the tab to “New Tab”
  • Improvement: Improved performance of AI summarization and format change to a bullet list
  • Improvement: Moved the duration field to the sidebar on the host side
  • Improvement: Support new websites in Day Peek

March 29, 2023



Time Polls 🗳️

Constantly struggling to schedule group meetings that accommodate everyone's availability?

Today we introduce the smartest way to schedule a group meeting.

With Time Polls, you can also leverage Magical’s cutting-edge AI to simplify your meeting workflow by auto-generating agendas and sharing meeting notes.

They’re fast, simple, and convenient for both hosts and guests.

Time Polls are ideal for scheduling complex group sessions, such as Board and All Hands Meetings that require you to find the availability of numerous participants.

Click above to watch a walkthrough video on how you can master group scheduling with our AI Time Polls!

Duplicate templates 🤩

You can now start a new scheduling template from an existing one.


Feedback Button 💁🏽

You can now send us feedback directly from Magical without the context switch to your email client. There’s nothing we cherish more than hearing your feedback so we wanted to keep it simple and fun to use!



  • BUG: Time peek invisibly blocks elements
  • BUG: Relative note top bar information
  • BUG: Scrolling description on small screens
  • BUG: Reset local store information on logout
  • BUG: Fix reminders for declined events

March 21, 2023


Note Templates 📝


No more wasted time trying to "catch up" during meetings; let your guests fly through meeting notes with our enhanced meeting pages.

  • Supercharge your scheduling links with A-powered notes.
  • Use the "Private Note" tab to keep content exclusive to yourself and hidden from others.
  • Use the "Shared Note" tab to provide your meeting guests with access to agendas, action items, and notes prior to the meeting.

To add notes to your scheduling links:

Click on "Share times" → Create a template/one-off link → Notes

Just add your notes or let our AI write them for you.

Help Center 📚


Want to become a power user and get the most out of Magical?

We’re introducing the Magical Help Center and step-by-step articles in-depth articles to make it easier to find everything you need to know about Magical.

Go to the”?” help button in the bottom-left of the homepage, and select “Magical Guide” for quick access to popular guides, FAQs, and walkthrough videos.

In addition, you can complete our new guided onboarding checklist to experience all of the magic that happens in Magical.


  • Improvement: New invitation recipient day-view calendar
  • Improvement: New guided onboarding checklist

March 2, 2023



AI Meeting Builder


Did you ever think… what if I could have ChatGPT for meetings?

Now you can with our new AI Meeting Builder!

AI Meeting Builder is a powerful AI extension suite that automates and optimizes the meeting experience.

The first step is AI Agenda.This innovative feature uses multiple inputs to automatically generate the perfect agenda tailored to your meeting's topics and goals.

After your smart agenda is set, AI Time Suggest provides you with the ideal meeting times based on availability and preferences, taking into account time zones and other factors.

But we haven't stopped there...We want our users to be focused in meetings so they can maximize the value of each session.

One hindrance to this is constantly trying to take notes while you and/or others are speaking.

Our AI Notetaker eliminates this distraction forever by automatically summarizing your meetings.

No more context-switching trying to jot down notes; with AI Notetaker, you'll get a transcribed summary sent at the end of your meetings that covers all of the key points and assigned action items.


  • Fix: Blank plage bug
  • Fix: Bookmarks button clickability
  • Fix: Day Peek all tabs affecting calendar components
  • Fix: Meeting hours starting a different hours
  • Improvement: Confirmation dialog
  • Improvement: Day Peek uplift
  • Improvement: Go to Magical page from Day Peek handle
  • Improvement: Meeting hours resizable
  • Improvement: New referral banner on successful scheduled page
  • Improvement: Support Help button

February 13, 2023



Scheduling Templates


We listened to your feedback and are excited to announce the latest feature on Magical: custom meeting scheduling templates! This new feature allows you to schedule faster and smarter by creating your own personalized templates.

Our templates are configured to all maxim customization to give you complete control over meetings and availabilities. Core functionality includes:

  • Meeting Duration - Set a default meeting length, or let your guest decide
  • Working Hours - Toggle and customize your availability around specific working hours, as well as other set times, such as lunch or dinner
  • Time Limits - Protect your time and limit how many days ahead guests can book time on your calendar
  • Last-Minute Notice - Add a minimum notice time to prevent anyone from scheduling a meeting at the last minute
  • Confirmation Control - Toggle whether or not you want to make final a confirmation after someone books time on your calendar
  • Team Calendar View - Avoid double bookings by checking your teammates’ calendars to make sure they’re free

With these features, you'll be able to manage your calendar more efficiently and keep your schedule organized!

February 3, 2023

Version 2.122.0


Time Peek


Time Peek makes it easy to check your upcoming meetings and instantly join calls without opening new tabs or switching context.

It conveniently displays your current or upcoming meeting, and with a quick click, you can view your entire calendar for the day, as well as jump directly into Zoom meetings. Your calendar is now everywhere!


  • Fix: Improved dragging
  • Fix: Improved Notion export

January 30, 2023

Version 2.110.0

Personalized Availability Link


Sharing is now sexier with your own personalized link.

You know that teammate at your company who has the same name, and because he/she started before you they got the cool email address without all of the extra letters and numbers?

Don’t let that happen with Magical!

Instead of your recipients see something generic at the end of  your link, they'll now see your personalized name, such as  ""

Your personal link is your unique page that you can instantly share with others to schedule a flexible meetings with you based on your dynamic availability.

It does absolute wonders for eliminating the awful back-and-forth that occur trying to find suitable meeting times.

Getting personal your link is super duper simple:

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Click the link icon in the top left next to "Share Availability"
  3. BOOM. Your personalized link is copied and ready to share

Change your name or identifier Customize link + Claim you username


  • Fix: Improved Notion toggles
  • Fix: Improved Reminders

January 16, 2023

Version 2.94.0


Day Peek


Want to catch a quick peek at everything you have on your calendar for the day?

With Day Peek, you can easily see your next session, your availability for the day, and automate your meetings notes with ease.

No more clicking and switching between tabs, meetings, and apps.

Hovering your mouse over the far fight side of the screen, or using the right bracket key, will now bring up a day view of your calendar.  You can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through events, and hit enter to capture notes.

Click and Drag


Want to offer an entire availability frame in your calendar? You can now do that easily by just clicking and dragging.


  • Fix: White screen if option was overridden
  • Fix: Could create an invitation without suggestions
  • Fix: Email validation
  • Fix: Go to default tab would not work with two windows open
  • Fix: Improved smart suggestions

January 9, 2023

Version 2.66.0


All-New Sharing Experience


We reduced the friction to make the invitation-sharing experience even more delightful!

  • What: Add a title, hit "Tab" and Magical will use our AI to generate an agenda with talking points to share with guests.
  • When: Select preferred times using our AI Assistant or just by selecting times from your calendar. Toggle "Dynamic Availability" to let recipients schedule based on your general availability.
  • Where: We now support Google Meet! We also support Zoom, as well as custom links and locations.
  • Share: Our new sharing experience allows you to copy and preview the availability link or quick share your availability via email with personalize messages.
  • Notify: Get email notifications once your meeting is confirmed and scheduled.

AI Agendas in Google Calendar


Our AI can now automatically generate agendas for every meeting you schedule in Google Calendar:

  1. Create a new calendar event, add a subject to your event
  2. Add a subject to your event (Board Prep, Marketing Budget, etc.)
  3. Click “Add Description”
  4. Then, just click the link in your description box and our AI will instantaneously creative an intuitive bullet-pointed agenda for your session.

View teammates’ upcoming availability with multiple calendars

Seeing your company’s and/or teammates’ calendars makes the scheduling process infinitely easier as you can now toggle On/Off multiple calendars in your “Upcoming Meetings” section.

  • To activate this, click the “Preferences” gear at the bottom left of your screen
  • Click “Calendars” and simply toggle on the calendars you’d like to display
  • This nifty workflow will be the foundation for some cool functionalities to come


  • Fix: Better invitation sharing - Editable snippets, send via email (fixes The share invite isn’t frictionless- what happened after the snippet screen- share via Slack etc, and “The snippet is overwhelming, and the members don’t understand they should copy it” )
  • Fix: AI Generators are slow
  • Fix: Support Around, Google meet etc- copy profile link and not a meeting & one-time step
  • Fix: Go to default tab would not work with two windows open
  • Fix: Improved smart suggestions
  • Fix: Generator agenda & times button isn’t visible
  • Fix: t's not shown above scroll and no indication that you can scroll down in the agenda component - organizer / host side

December 5, 2022


Magical is Now #1 Product of the Day


Magical Announces the World's First Time Operating System: is transformational and all-encompassing ambient workspace that makes your time accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

"Calendars exist in silos and can’t fully interact with all of the ways we manage our time, because our time is everywhere," states Tommy Barav, Founder and CEO. "Time is the connecting tissue between meetings, apps, software, people, and knowledge. We’re laser-focused on starting a time revolution to rethink how we use time to work, communicate, and meet."

AI-Powered Meeting Invitations

The first step in this time revolution is eliminating pointless meetings at the source: bad meeting invitations.

Current legacy schedulers aren't optimized to deliver accurate or desirable meeting times. They don't reflect our true availability, they don't let us prioritize participants, and they cause endless cycles of annoying back-and-forth emails.

Backed by Magical AI™ and Dynamic Availability™ scheduling, our invitations let you find the ideal time to meet, every time. The scheduling process is fast and straightforward for all parties:

  1. Our AI assistant selects ideal meeting times, or manually choose your preferred slots
  2. Send your availability to guests with a personalized link
  3. Guests overlay their own calendars and find mutual free times
  4. If no times are convenient, guests can view your full calendar (all event names are hidden for privacy) to suggest an alternative slot

One link. Zero back-and-forth.

All easily accessible every time you open a new browser tab.

You can also transform your invitations into collaborative hubs to capture and sync meeting notes directly into Notion, as well as join your Zoom sessions directly from browser tabs.

"We built super-powered meetings invitations that are actually a delight to send," states Barav. "They require zero effort, and always find your ideal meeting time so you can eliminate bad meetings before they start."

The Future of Time. Reimagined.

Propelled by AI and advanced automation, heads into 2023 focused on transforming its Time Operating System into the nexus for all time-related tasks.

The timeOS will enable you to unlock your time everywhere by interconnecting your favorite time tools, such as Notion, Salesforce, and Slack. These deep integrations will allow you to intuitively generate agendas, link to relevant resources, and add collective knowledge to any time-related tasks.

"Modern work demands solutions that sync with all of your tools, workflows, and processes," says Barav. "Our Time Operating System will be an ambient and automated workspace that makes your time accessible wherever and whenever you need it.”

August 15, 2022


Magical Launches timeOS

Magical Launches Fastest Meeting Notes Experience for Chrome

Meetings are an inescapable part of modern work.

However, most of us are constantly inundated by meetings and meeting-related tasks.

To put a human face on the problem, we polled over 1,000 knowledge workers earlier this year. We found that nearly 8/10 regularly feel completely overwhelmed by their meetings and calendars (hands up if you can relate 🙋😩).

This inundation seriously hampers our productivity:

  1. MEETING AMNESIA: With so many meetings, it's almost impossible to keep track of what's taken place in previous sessions
  2. MEETING FATIGUE: We're deluged by a barrage of meetings that start late and/or run over, and thus prevent us from focusing on our most important work
  3. LOST TIME: All told, the inefficiencies of the meeting processes cost each of us 100's of valuable hours every year.

We built timeOS to alleviate these pains.

But how, you may ask?

By streamlining your meeting workflow directly in Chrome tabs 🤩

Here's how it works…

Every time you open a new tab, the meeting experience is simplified to save you time:

  1. Notes x Notion 📝: Instantly take meeting notes and automatically organize them in Notion
  2. Upcoming Meetings 📆: See your next meeting and quickly join straight from Chrome
  3. Hassle-Free Reminders ✨: Never miss a meeting, or have one run over, as we alert you before your sessions are about to begin, as well as when your current session is scheduled to end

Lastly, for our power users (probably everyone in the PH community 😉), almost all of the actions you take in timeOS can be executed with key commands… saving you even more time.

Our mission at Magical is to get you and your team to time-waste zero.

We're building a collaborative calendar for teams designed for the new era of modern work.

The first step in that journey starts today with the launch of timeOS.

We're super proud to deliver the fastest meeting notes experience on Chrome and genuinely hope it brings you and your teammates less stress and more focus.

Stay tuned for the launch of our full-service collaborative calendar later this year.