Senior Product Designer

Senior Product Designer


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  • Full-time
  • Remote (Ideally within a 3-hour time difference to Tel Aviv)
  • Stock options and benefits.
  • Home office budget.
  • Currently no PMs on the team
  • The interview process 1-2 weeks long.


Interpersonal — Soft Skills

  • Ability to win as a team, striking the balance between when to advocate for their ideas vs. when to disagree and commit.
  • Ability to own the coordination of stakeholders and resources needed on a project/task.
  • Ability to pitch ideas to teammates with different disciplines and get them to rally in one common direction.
  • Ability to discern between several valid options forward and own a decision. (owning means not giving into consensus-based decision making)
  • Ability to manage their time effectively in a way conducive to getting their work done and supporting a remote team culture.

Technical — Hard Skills

  • Ability to visually design UIs with a great aesthetic and eye for detail.
  • Ability to convert a raw idea into stateful user flows.
  • Ability to decompose a user flow into a systematic set of reusable building blocks.
  • Ability to design simple UX patterns that are interoperable with many user flows.
  • Ability to holistically discern usability issues and opportunities for improvement across products and features.
  • Ability to utilize data tools to inform (not drive) their product decisions process.
  • Ability to methodically conduct qualitative user research and extract insights that can lead to new product opportunities.
  • Ability to prototype* ideas in code, using modern web technologies. (*you’re not expected to ship code to production, but you will be tested on your underlining understanding of said technologies)

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