timeOS Supermember

timeOS Supermember

What is this program?

Magical Supermember is a passionate productivity enthusiast who wants to help shape the future of Magical and get access to exclusive knowledge, features, and Magical power users all over the world.

Our believers understand that they must invest and commit to building something exceptional. This is a journey, and the SuperMembers are becoming part of our team.

As part of this plan, you will have access to a range of benefits: priority support, direct access to the Magical team, community brainstorming calls, first access to new features and workflow, unlimited AI credits, and more.

You will also have access to the SuperMembers community, where you will meet other Time-Hackers, and learn and share knowledge. This community will also feature content and webinars from our CEO, Tommy Barav.

Benefits just for Magical Supermembers

  • Everything in Pro Plan plus...
  • Early access to new features (and the opportunity to provide feedback to the team!)
  • Priority product support
  • The best resources and learning on how to manage your time and meetings
  • Special sessions with members of the Magical team
  • Unlimited AI credits
  • Direct access to members of the Magical team for feedback and influence on our product
  • Access to a Slack workspace connecting Magical power members all over the world (Coming soon)
  • Time Audit™️ call with our team. (Coming soon)

How to join?

  1. Upgrade to become a Supermember for 17$/month (billed yearly).
  2. The Magical team will contact you to start our journey together. Exciting!
  3. Membership lasts for one year, at which point it can be renewed.

We have limited spots on the plan, so make sure to claim yours today 🙂