timeOS Manifesto

timeOS Manifesto

We're building a time machine →

Time is our most limited, scarce, and sacred resource.

And yet, we waste too much time at work on email, pointless meetings, and scrolling through endless feeds.

Traditional calendars were supposed to protect us. Be our gatekeeper.

Instead, we lost control of it. Blank space on our calendar turns into wasted time. We work to the limit of our tools.

We believe your time is not for others to ‘grab’, ‘steal’, or ‘block’, it’s for you to live, do, and create.

It's time to build the 21st-century calendar.

Let the magic begin.

Coming in early 2021

Magical is a rethink of calendar: frictionless scheduling, powerful meeting tools, and modular views give the freedom to plan and run your day.

Here are 30 calendar pet peeves, upvoted by our community👇🏾